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    Emilia’s Crafted Pasta

    Emilia’s Crafted Pasta is a quaint little trattoria-style restaurant in the City of London near the Tower of London in St. Katherine’s Docks. The founder spent time traveling around Italy learning the techniques and craft of pasta. The special thing about this restaurant is that they make their pasta fresh in house every day and boy, is it delicious.

    St. Katharine’s Docks

    Emilia’s Crafted Pasta has also partnered with Sortedfood, a food business based in London who also have a YouTube channel. I am a part of the Sorted Club which has a program called Sorted Eat, which gives you exclusive benefits at the restaurants they have partnered with. Unfortunately, the Sorted Eat program is currently only available in the the following cities in the UK and USA: London, Edinburgh, Portland (Oregon), Portland (Maine), and New Orleans. If you are visiting any of these cities, consider joining the Sorted Club or even just watching their YouTube channel to find out where the best food in the city is. Find out more about the club here.

    So when I showed up, the hostess welcomed us to the restaurants and brought us each a glass of house red wine on the house. Our place mat was our menu and was beautifully simplistic like how Italian food should be. The menu had a little clause explaining the history of pasta and had cute little doodles of different pasta shapes offered at the restaurant. 

    I opted for the four-hour slow cooked béchamel bolognese with grated parmesan. It features pappardelle, a flat, wide egg-based noodle  making it softer and fluffier than regular pasta. The béchamel bolognese was rich and flavourful, balancing the fluffyness of the pappardelle. The dish was topped off with a giant heap of parmesan (who doesn’t love that). The dish is priced at £12,50. Rating: 8/10

    4-hour slow cooked bechamel bolognese with grated parmesan

    We also ordered the homemade parmesan, pecorino, and basil pesto with a pasta called casarecce. These noodles are short and twisted so they look like they are rolling in on themselves holding the fragrant sauce beautifully. Basil is one of my favourite herbs and the flavour is incredibly intense. Pecorino is a sharp cheese made of sheeps milk that adds an even more umami to the dish than just parmesan. This dish is also a vegetarian option and is priced at £11. Rating: 7/10

    Homemade parmesan, pecorino, and basil pesto

    To finish off the meal, we decided to get dessert and our server recommended the Emilia Special. It was vanilla ice cream drizzled with honey with crushed amaretti and cantuccini biscuits. The dynamic between the amaretti biscuits and the crunchy and crisp twiced baked cantuccini biscuits brought wonderful textures to the dessert. You’d think that the honey would make the dish too sweet but it added a freshness to all of the existing flavours. This dessert is priced at £6. Rating: 7.5/10

    Emilia’s Special

    I would definitely recommend that you visit Emilia’s Crafted Pasta. You can definitely tell the difference between fresh and dry pasta and this restaurant specialized in using simple ingredients to create magnificent pasta and other Italian dishes. The price range per person is £10-£25 making that average for a meal in London.

    Find out more by visiting Emilia’s Crafted Pasta here.