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    About Me

    Hello! My name is Melody and I am a Criminology student who travels the world in search of enriching experiences and new inspirations. I’ve got a strange obsession with tea and a passion for the culinary arts that feeds my desire to explore new cultures and unfamiliar territories. I have fallen in love with cities upon cities leaving a piece of me behind in every one I visit so that one day, I can go back and reunite with the happiness I felt when I was there.

    Each place you visit offers its unique form of happiness that you can’t find anywhere else. One might bring nostalgia, another might bring wonder, and another may make your heart flutter and warm at the thought of it. My goal is to experience every form of happiness that these wonderfully different places can offer me.

    I also have a passion for food and new flavours and that is the main reason for my travels. Can you really say you’ve been to a city if you haven’t tried the local cuisine? My goal is to discover exciting flavour combinations and textures to expand both my culinary knowledge and my cultural knowledge.

    I am beyond excited to share my experiences with you and hopefully inspire you to seek out new adventures. If you’re more of a stay at home type, then I hope you can travel to these incredible places with me through this blog!