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Let’s get something straight. Indian food is delicious and the Indian food in London is not different. Dishoom has some of the best I’ve ever had. I will however, add a disclaimer: I’ve never been to India so I have never experienced the food there. But Dishoom was… wow. Not only is the food incredible, but the design of the restaurant was beautiful, much like the majority of the restaurants in London.

It was like stepping into an Irani cafe in 1960s Bombay. The walls and the pillars were lined with mirrors which contrasted the dark mahogany. I remember portraits and other forms of Bombay art lining the walls and down the stairs. 

Dishoom Covent Garden | Photo by Dishoom

We decided to dine at Dishoom on Mother’s Day in the UK which meant that every restaurant had a huge queue and this was no different. We queued outside for two hours and I don’t regret a second of it. There was a lady handing out free glasses of chai whilst we waited. Once you get inside the restaurant, they take you downstairs to the bar so you can order drinks whilst you wait to be seated. 

We ended up sitting by a window so we can watch the Londoners and tourists go by as we enjoyed our meal. The menu a simple sheet with food on one side and drinks on the other. 

For our appetizer, we ordered the chilli chicken which was a small plate of sticky and sweet chicken. It was garlic-y and ginger-y and it comes with a wedge of lemon to add some acidity to the dish. 

There were three chutneys to enjoy with your meal and I don’t know what they were but, they were delicious. Some were sweet and some were tangy which added another level of flavour when paired with a dish. This is priced at £6.20.


Chilli Chicken and Chutneys

The next dish was from the grills section of the menu and it is the dish that everyone says you have to eat when you go to London: Chicken Tikka. Something that I love about grilled Indian meats is the charring. It adds bitterness to the flavour profile and enhances all of the lovely spices used. 8/10

The black bowl of red curry is the Chicken Ruby, the highlight of our lunch. It was this tomato-based (makhani sauce) that had cardomom, coriander, and cumin notes to the flavour. The chicken was tender and just pulled apart. Whilst it was amazing paired with fragrant basmati rice, there is nothing that can compare with the Chicken Ruby with garlic naan. 10/10

Now, I’ve had a lot of garlic naan in my life but none of them hold a candle to this one. Like I said, I have a soft spot for food that is nicely charred and this naan is no exception. The bread had crispy edges and a soft centre creating a dynamic of texture. The garlic was so aromatic and the coriander flakes added freshness to help cut through off of the intense flavour. 9/10

The Chicken Ruby is priced at £10.90 and the garlic naan is priced at £3.50.

Chicken Ruby, Chicken Tikka, Garlic Naan

 It’s also important to know that Dishoom also known to have an incredible breakfast although we never got the chance to try it. But Dishoom is a place with great ambiance, service, and food. This place is a must when you visit London. The best thing is that there are several locations across London so you don’t have to go out of your way to eat here. But as I said, this is some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had.

Learn more about Dishoom here.

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