London Day 4

Our fourth day in London was a pretty laid back because it was our day to walk around and explore London. We started on Oxford street, where roamed some high-street shops. We found another huge Primark so we spent some more time browsing the multi-level store (this becomes a trend during out trip in Europe). A lot of Oxford street was under construction at the time so there were a lot of trucks and workers on the road and that led to a lack of images. 

One image that I do have is South Molten Street just off of Oxford Street and Bond Station. It’s a beautiful pedestrian road that leads from Oxford Street to Brook Street. The Mayfair area is gorgeous and has stunning architecture where every building is different and designed perfectly for their brand.

Despite the fact that each shop is unique, they all work together and there is a sense on unity down the boulevard. This is not something commonly seen in North America. When you look at these buildings it leaves you a sense of awe and you never want to leave.

South Molton Street, Mayfair

From South Molton Street we ended up on Brook Street about a block from Claridge’s, a luxury hotel in the heart of Mayfair. It is one of the two prestigious afternoon teas in London that are on everyone’s afternoon tea bucket lists. This was the most amazing experience and the service was stellar. They treat you like you are the most important person in the world. 

My Claridge’s afternoon tea experience is available in the London Food Guide and linked here. I definitely recommend that you check it out and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to go yourself.

Claridge's Afternoon Tea

We emerged from Claridge’s absolutely stuffed and we decided to walk off everything that we ate down Regent Street. It is just like Oxford Street in the sense that it is also a major shopping boulevard. The difference is that Regent Street has more upscale brands and the buildings look the same down the street all the way to Piccadilly Circus. The buildings all look the same when you look at the upper levels but this time, the shop-fronts are different. The tops of the buildings connect down the boulevard so it looks beautiful but there are still distinguishable difference in the shop-fronts.

Right beside Regent Street is Carnaby, a pedestrian street that offers tons of dining and shops. Much like South Molton Street, all of the buildings are different but work together so well. All of the roads are brick-paved and well maintained so it’s easy to walk on. There is a beautiful sparkly, glitter, and shimmery Carnaby/British flag sign and it is so eye-catching. Mayfair is so busy and full of people which I normally don’t like but it just adds to the whole experience of London.

After a long day of walking, shopping, and exploring, we headed to the Prince Edward Theatre in Soho for a West End production of Aladdin. The theater was absolutely stunning (no surprise) and had Aladdin decorations everywhere. LED screens, actual gold lamps, banners. Everywhere. Upon entry, there are bars available upstairs so you can have a drink whilst you wait for seating to begin.

The show itself was spectacular as expected. Entertaining, colourful, and great for both adults and children. I highly recommend you go see any West End Show. Just experience it. 

Prince Edward Theatre
Aladdin LED Poster

Today was our first wandering day and it was so much fun. You aren’t stuck to a schedule and you can truly enjoy the city.

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